Bitcoin Bounce Review

Win free Bitcoin playing mobile games!

With the lockdowns in place due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, people are looking for things to do with their extra time on their hands including myself. I started playing the game Bitcoin Bounce by THNDR GAMES and after playing it for a few weeks, decided would be a good time to show how fun it is and an easy way to “stack sats”.

The Objective

The game is easy to pick up and makes a great way to pass the time. The ball moves sideways and you tap to send the ball down to bounce it and keep going along the “blockchain”. The objective is to bounce as much as you can and collect the THNDR tickets along the way. The other perk is the game is generated procedurally, meaning each “chain” is generated randomly, so it avoids the issue of having to mind numbingly play the same game over and over again.

The Prizes

You aren’t just collecting tickets for nothing! Each day, there is a drawing for various prizes. The tickets you collect are automatically entered each drawing and collect prizes each day if you win!

The Cash Out

Unlike many games that require you to collect some absurd amount of money before you could ever cash out, Bitcoin Bounce connects right to your lightning wallet and sends you your sats right away! Even if you are not a guru on the lightning network, you simply download the suggested wallet Wallet of Satoshi on your device and it is linked through the game. From here, when you when a prize, all you need to do is open the game, tap claim, and the transaction is sent to your own wallet in less than a second.

While the game doesn’t really use anything with the blockchain itself outside of the cash outs, it is great to see apps taking on technologies that can allow users to be incentivized to play games while incorporating ads. You can cash out quickly and claim your prices as you get them without having to worry if the site is going to be around in a few months or if you will ever accumulate $50 over a year to see anything.