Today In The News, MS Teams Hacked, IT Admin Gets 7 Years

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Bitcoin (BTC USD) Mining Is Back in China Despite Government Ban | Bloomberg

US accounted for 37.84% of global hashrate, a measure of computing power used to extract the digital currency, between September 2021 to January. China has reemerged as the second-largest locale despite a government ban on mining last year. The country has seen a sudden surge in activity through “covert mining operations” and has “re-emerged’s as a major mining hub” Russia accounted for 4.66% and has seen mining operations relegated elsewhere.

Apple sued after loud Amber Alert on AirPods said to damage Texas boy’s hearing

Apple Inc has been sued by the family of a Texas child who allegedly suffered permanent hearing loss from an Amber Alert on the company’s AirPod wireless earbuds. The family says the AirPods were defective because they play alerts at dangerous volume, regardless of the volume set by the user. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The lawsuit was filed in San Jose, California, federal court in California on Monday in federal court. It says the boy, identified as B.G., suffered from dizziness and needs to wear a hearing aid.

Microsoft Teams, Windows 11 hacked on first day of Pwn2Own

During Pwn2Own Vancouver 2022, contestants won $800,000 after successfully exploiting 16 zero-day bugs to hack multiple products, including Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system and the Teams communication platform. The first to fall was Microsoft Teams in the enterprise communications category after Hector Peralta exploited an improper configuration flaw. The STAR Labs team earned $150,000 for successfully demonstrating their Microsoft Teams zero-days. The top award for hacking a Tesla Model 3 is now $600,000 (plus the car itself).

Hacker shows how to unlock, start and drive off with someone else’s Tesla

Hack could allow thieves to drive off with Tesla Model 3 and Y cars. Hack involves redirecting communications between a car owner’s mobile phone, or key fob, and the car. The hack isn’t specific to Tesla, but it’s the result of his tinkering with the keyless entry system. There’s no evidence that thieves have used the hack to improperly access Tesla vehicles. To fix it, the carmaker would need to alter its hardware and change its system, researcher says.

IT admin gets 7 years for wiping his company’s servers to prove a point

An indignant IT admin, seemingly aiming to prove the lax security his employer had hitherto ignored, proceeded to delete a bunch of vital financial databases, and has subsequently been given seven years in prison as a result. It’s what’s known in the IT trade as ‘cutting your nose off to spite your face,’ or inadvisably hulking out on a server you’re known to have access to and have already complained about


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Today In The News, Google Files Bankruptcy, Netflix losing subscribers

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Netflix customers canceling service increasingly includes long-term subscribers

Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers last quarter and potentially two million this current period, according to a note to shareholders from last month. New research highlights that the number of long-standing subscribers canceling Netflix rose precipitously in the past few years. Newbie subscribers accounted for only 60% of cancellations in the first quarter, down from 64% in the fourth quarter. Netflix is losing ground, but the streaming market as a whole is gaining more subscribers. Paramount+ and Peacock are the most affordable options among new subscribers.

Google Russia forced to declare bankruptcy after bank account seizure

Google’s Russia division plans to file for bankruptcy after authorities seized its bank account. The Russian government still wants to rely on Google for some services, including YouTube. Google has been accused of having a cozy relationship with Russia. It’s not clear how much of a presence Google will have in Russia going forward. Google enjoys a 90 percent search market share in many countries, but Russia is one of the few places it faces a viable search competitor. The government said Tuesday it wants to keep YouTube running in the country.

Autonomous cars hit third of cyclists, all oncoming cars

Autonomous cars may be further away than believed, according to AAA. Testing of three leading systems found they hit a third of cyclists, and failed to avoid any oncoming cars. The tests [PDF] looked at three vehicles: a 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe with Highway Driving Assist; a 2021 Subaru Forester with EyeSight; and a 2020 Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot. There are no semi-autonomous cars generally available to the public that are able to operate above level two.

Billing systems are a nightmare for engineers

Lago’s co-founder Raffi explains why billing is still an unsolved problem for engineers. Lago, Pleo, Algolia, Segment and Fintech’s pricing systems are hard to build, hard to design, and hard to get working for you if you deviate from ‘the standard’ based on the number of monthly API searches. The team at Lago still has some painful memories of the internal billing system at Qonto, that we had to build and maintain, and deal with.