Build a landing page and sell your product with LeadPages

What is a landing page?

A landing page serves as a standalone web page specifically designed for a marketing or advertising campaign. Its primary purpose is to convert visitors into leads or customers by encouraging them to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading an ebook, registering for a webinar, or making a purchase.

When launching your product, SaaS idea, or even building your marketing list, a landing page can provide a quick way to validate your idea or get initial interest in your product.

What is LeadPages?

LeadPages is not just a landing page builder and hosting platform. They are a full suite of products that allow you to maximize your marketing and leads, convert them to customers, and partner with marketing experts to grow and profit from your brand and marketing.

How I used LeadPAges to launch my product

Summer is almost here and people are going to be outside more. I have always liked having a bluetooth speaker at the pool but always hated leaving and my phone being dead or having to put the phone somewhere near the speaker and risk it falling off a chair or getting wet.

After doing research and testing, I have settled on the name and product: miniParty – Bluetooth speaker. An awesome speaker that has a magnetic holder for your phone and can also charge MagSafe devices like your AirPods if you want to keep them ready when the speaker is done. I can bring this everywhere, it holds my phone, and even can watch videos on it and use the speaker for the output. A must have device for the summer!

To sell it, I know I needed to have a page with the information, a way to capture the customer information, and a way to take payment so I can get paid for my item. I wanted a domain that I can use to add more products for my love of speakers so I decided on

Create a LeadPages account

Head on over to and create your free trial. You can test it out and launch your site for 14 days without buying anything (even though once you use it, I am pretty sure you will l want to stay!).

Add the domain

Now for me, I wanted to use my own domain. You can create landing pages under your own URL they provide, for example or you can move your own domains over and have it a bit more uniform. I added my domain because I wanted the domain to be the landing page with my product. In the future, I can have specific ads point to different landing pages under my account to better track metrics and success of campaigns. If I am running Facebook ads with a promo, I may want them to point to a different page than a general visitor to my site.

Create the landing page

Now you have added your domain, go to the Landing Pages section so we can create the page we will use. This is where your visitors will “land” when coming to your site.

LeadPages has a bunch of templates so you can get started quickly for almost any product type. Newsletters, coaching programs, webinars, podcasts, and social media link where you can offer lead magnets like eBooks and content lists.

Build Your Landing Page

Now we have our template, we are going to edit the elements to match our product we want to sell. The template is built for a eBike but will not take us long to make it ours.

Now working on the page, I have all my product information ready that I am going to use. I have photos for the product on the website, the pricing model I wanted to use, and feature list when I did my research of points I thought were important so swapping out images was pretty quick. In about 30 minutes, I had my page ready for my speaker – the miniParty!

As you go through the editor, there is plenty of options to design the page how you want. Each section has the ability to drop in widgets that give you text, image, buttons and more. You can add rows, delete sections you want and make the page yours.

Get professional marketing feedback on your page

One of the features that is great for people new to building landing pages is the ability to get expert feedback. If you click the Expert Feedback button on the page, you will be given a form to request what info you are looking for. Giving LeadPages some information about your page and goals, they can get back to you and give you tips to help improve the writing and format to meet your goals.

Checkout with Stripe

Now we have our page setup, we need to finalize the payment method to be able to collect our visitors payment methods. LeadPages has Stripe built right in so you can quickly accept payments and get paid with your bank account. Once you finalize your account, you can quickly add the account and product you want to link this to.

Thank you page

The last part of the flow is the thank you page. When editing your checkout form, LeadPages has a default thank you form that I decided to use here. You can redirect them back to your own site, you can redirect them to another page, or even build another LeadPages landing page to provide more information.

Closing Thoughts

That is all! In just a short time, we created a landing page that allows you sell an item right away. Going to you can easily see my product for sale and even buy one from the site. There is a ton you can do with landing pages and LeadPages makes it incredibly powerful to build and generate content. Their AI tools you get allow you to generate filling content on your page and the professional feedback to make sure you are meeting your goals is incredibly valuable to building landing pages for all types of products.

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