The concept of Nonstop Development started years ago at a Panera before working in coffee shops were cool and PHP based AJAX sites were all the rage. A friend and I would sit and look at the latest APIs or frameworks and come up with a bunch of ideas. Foursquare had an API that you can access locations? What can we do with checkins? Twitter API access gave us info to the firehose of tweets?

The idea of always being curious drove us to continue to think and solve problems. We would joke about having ideas and “What if we had something that solved this problem?” and a few days later, I would have the backend and application working with horrible inline CSS and my friend would clean it up and wire it into a useable website.

We started our own media company building and managing WordPress sites and then sitting in the office throwing out ideas and trying to hack together small concepts to push out.

This mindset and creativity fueled the nonstop development mindset (and also what made me register this domain). The always be working and thinking about ways to use technology, how an application or software project can help businesses, or how a new framework can be used to speed write a new MVP project idea.

A bunch of cool ideas came from this mindset to always build. We didn’t care how much money it could make or even if it had a business fit to sell. We just liked to learn and see what we could build. Check out My List Of (Some) Failed Projects to see some of the cool ideas we built well before their time.

Today, this mindset still exists and has propelled my career to always think outside the box and beyond just the instruction manual of software and tools. Being curious has taken my career through engineering, development, networking and security, pre-sales architecture, and even product and sales development working internally to build software tools for small, medium, and large businesses.

Around this blog, you will find articles about taking this nonstop development mindset still in place. Finding out about new applications and tools, understanding the large world of software and how people are building tools or ways new startups can get going. I cover various thoughts I find humorous, interesting, and sometimes will just track things I am working on for fun.

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