Hello there! I am Bryan and by day, I have been remote for the past 5 years working in the pre-sales and product space working with contact centers to build solutions that drive how they interact with their customers. I work to leverage conversational AI, machine learning, developed desktop interfaces that boost agent’s productivity and access to resources, and ultimately work to make the interaction with the customer more personal.

Not sure why the laptop is sideways in this stock photo.

At night, I am a tech geek that loves reading about new ideas, gaming, technologies, trying to build some new micro-SaaS product, or even hacking together some app that may try to solve a problem even if it is for one person.

The idea for NonStopDev.com came while I was working with a fellow tech geek and college friend years ago at a Panera Bread just messing with Twitter APIs and tinkering with any API we could find (or get access to). We had some ideas and just figured it would be great to blog about how we went about building, our thought process, how we anticipated marketing new domains we bought while sitting at a bar, and the overall fun and creative process of the startup we had been working on at the time in our tiny office or drinking coffee at some shop on our laptops.

In reality, this domain (like the majority of my portfolio) basically sat as mostly a placeholder and email domain as projects took priority and didn’t have the time to focus on anything else.

Now, 15 years later, I finally committed to building this site that allows me to share my thoughts, experiences, and have a primary goal to help others who are living similar experiences or even just be entertaining.

While the posts here may vary from random things to do in NodeJS, Meteor, Python, etc or simple tasks I had been workign on and wanted to make sure to note.

I want to share my experiences and thoughts about products or ideas I have. I want to outlined how I would build some domains I have and simple micro-SaaS ideas that I maybe working on. I want to write about my experiences over the past 20 years doing software, engineering, telecommunications, cloud, learning new tools, and even some of the very basic apps I have built to solve a simple problem. As I use new products, I want to share with others who may not be aware they exist.

Overall, this place may be a useless hodgepodge of rants, hype, bookmarks, and code that looks ugly and maybe the scratch pad of my side work and life, but I have always found writing helps stay creative and is a logical way to organizing ideas that could spawn discussions to bigger ideas, partnerships, and collaborations so away we go.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch: hello@nonstopdev.com