More bad news for DuckDuckGo

If you saw my rant about Why You Should Stop Using DuckDuckGo, you obviously see I am not a fan of the site or the company. The search results are just not good and the marketing pitch of “privacy based” I just didn’t buy into the fact they are profitable and growing without some type of .

Well it seems the chickens, well ducks.. have come home to roost.

It was revealed by a security researcher that DuckDuckGo does not block any trackers for Microsoft.

Not a DuckDuckGo employee……

The tweet contains a few different posts but outlines the fact that while both versions of the DDG browser claims to use tools which “automatically blocks hidden third-party trackers”, there is a secret allow list that allows data flow from Microsoft including Bing and LinkedIn.

Personally, a company that is getting rounds of funding like this is bound to focus on ads to generate revenue. It just is a shame that it took a security researcher to find it before DuckDuckGo decided to come clean and admit while they track data, their “Microsoft Search syndication agreement” prevents them from blocking more.

I have never been a fan but another reason why I don’t trust this company. The recent Hacker News fallout as well as the messaging they are working to ease restrictions seems like their hands are tied maybe due to some investment or company leadership decision.

Yes, you should have a blog.

Stock photo from Unsplash

When people talk about having a personal blog, they immediately go into a mindset with ideas of why they think they shouldn’t have one. “I am not interesting enough”, “I am not a good enough at your hobby to write”, or “will it even help you professionally as a CV when looking for jobs?”.

The truth is, writing has a bunch of benefits even if you aren’t going to get millions of views a year but still, there are plenty of benefits about having a way to write out your thoughts.

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