Yes, you should have a blog

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When people talk about having a personal blog, they immediately go into a mindset with ideas of why they think they shouldn’t have one. “I am not interesting enough”, “I am not a good enough at your hobby to write”, or “will it even help you professionally as a CV when looking for jobs?”.

The truth is, writing has a bunch of benefits even if you aren’t going to get millions of views a year but still, there are plenty of benefits about having a way to write out your thoughts.Read Less

Aaron Swartz had a blog post about the beauty of writing.

I don’t consider this writing, I consider this thinking. I like sharing my thoughts and I like hearing yours and I like practicing expressing ideas, but fundamentally this blog is not for you, it’s for me. I hope that you enjoy it anyway.Aaron Swartz

He hits the nail right on the head. Writing is thinking and is a way to improve yourself. Being able to translate your thought into word that can be shared is a key business skill. How many times have you seen someone want to talk on the phone because they can’t communicate properly? When you start to blog, you build these skills and start to place your ideas into structured and communicable words. The higher you climb in an organization, the more your job will orbit around sales and communication. Writing helps you do both. Inspiring imagery drives sales, while clear thinking makes you a better communicator. Writing is executive-level training.

Not only will you learn to translate your thoughts, you will build expertise in topics. Quality writing begins with clear thinking. Once you write about a topic, can speak about it more clearly which will help you with job interviews and sound confident.

When you begin to share well written ideas, you will start to build a community and a network. As you start to grow, you will find readers will want to engage with the topic and share their own ideas increasing your network and also improve your knowledge of the topic.

If you decide to take it big time, you will learn skills to grow your personal brand and business. Building your audience will develop marketing skills. Publishing regularly will give you structure and discipline. Writing well will teach you to think intelligently and continue to learn about your industry.

So yes, get out there and start your blog. Write about what interests you and focus on doing it for you.

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